Upper School at University Christian

Building Champions
for Christ!


University Christian Not Only Prepares Students For College, But For Life!

Upper School
Helping Every Student Reach Their Full Potential

Our high school program understands the value of these critical years as our students develop into young adulthood. Our focus is on spiritual growth, quality academics and preparedness for future success. Our academic day operates on a College Prep modified block schedule in which students take three to four classes each day lasting for 75 minutes each. Two grading periods (quarters) are in each semester, with both mid-term and final exams given at the end of each semester.

Most importantly, we also strive to help our students mature spiritually during these important years. We assist our upper school students as they develop into Christian thinkers, with a biblical set of values that will stand up to peer pressure and the test of time.


Exceptional Learning For Extraordinary Students

The goal of the University Christian upper school program is to be distinctively Christian in all that we do while providing the highest quality education, activities and experiences possible. University Christian offers two different diploma offerings; College Prep and College Prep Honors (based on credits earned and cumulative GPA). Biblical principles are integrated into every classroom as teachers incorporate the ultimate source of truth, God's Word, into each lesson. The caring Christian faculty and staff challenge students to think biblically and strive to equip them spiritually as they move forward in life after high school.


Invest In A Bright Future!

We cannot wait to meet you and show you around campus.

Why Choose University Christian?

University Christian School vigorously pursues excellence by providing a Christ-centered education on a campus where patriotism, lifelong community, leadership and service are at the core of all we do. We take great pride in our history of building champions for Christ.

50+ Years of Devoted Service

Since 1965, University Christian School has challenged thousands of students academically while building a strong foundation spiritually.

100% Prepared For God’s Calling

Our desire is for all University Christian School graduates to be fully devoted followers of Christ that are prepared to love and lead with excellence in all that they do.

Upper School Minimester

Ignite your curiosity and dive into immersive learning experiences. UC's Minimester offers high school students a short, intense burst of exploration, where they can pursue passions, discover new interests, and unleash their potential.

Meet our
Faculty Teachers

Vaughn Brown
Upper School Assistant Principal
Ashley Schoenfeld
Upper School Admin.
Rhonda Trigg
Upper School Science Teacher
Bryan Rolli
Upper School Bible Teacher
Rick Montgomery
History Teacher
Ann Mcgee
Upper School Art Teacher
Ryan Fuchs
Upper School P.E. Coach
Sylvia Deshone
Upper School American Sign Language Teacher
Cassidy Kinsman
Worship Arts Director
Jennae Tuzzolo
Upper School Teacher
Shannon Yates
Upper School Teacher
Randi Sirmon
Speech-Language Pathologist/ESE Resource Teacher
Robert Steiner
Upper School Teacher
Kimberly Tatko
Upper School Teacher
Fred Ball
Upper School Teacher
Scotty Mason
Upper School Substitute Teacher
Guillermo Milano
Upper School Teacher