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University Christian School maintains a great athletic tradition with 14 varsity teams participating as members of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). We have enjoyed tremendous success in the athletics throughout our history. Our teams have achieved over 90 district titles and have won 13 state championships. We look forward to continually adding to that total!



We believe athletics are a valuable, vital, and integral part of the education process.  Principles and lessons taught in the school, church and at home can be put into action on the playing field or court.  Furthermore, athletics are a microcosm of life and should be used to teach our athletes how to deal with winning and losing, adversity, pressure, perseverance and the development of true character. 


Just as our teachers strive for excellence in the classroom, our coaches work closely with our student athletes and teams to be the very best. In our pursuit of athletic excellence, our coaches also recognize the importance of modeling the life of an athlete fully devoted to Christ. It is common for our coaches to be mentors to our student athletes and lead team and small group Bible studies.


If I can provide more information in regards to our athletic program, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Justin Sirmon, Athletic Director


Boys’ Sports Offerings                                  Girls’ Sports Offerings

Baseball                                                          Basketball

Basketball                                                       Cheerleading

Cross Country                                                Cross Country

Golf                                                                  Golf

Football                                                           Soccer

Soccer                                                             Track and Field

Track and Field                                              Softball


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