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At University Christian School, we strive to equip even our youngest students to become lifelong disciples of Christ. We understand that preschool age students need a nurturing, loving, and creative environment in which to flourish during these important, formative years. 

Preschool enjoys an array of learning activities including daily Bible, phonics, pre-reading, and math instruction. Science and social studies concepts are taught through units as students learn more about their own community and the world.

Our Junior Kindergarteners (K3 & K4) attend weekly enrichment classes including Chapel, Music, Physical Education, Library, Art, Science Discovery and Exploration with technology.

Parents may choose a half or full day Junior Kindergarten option for their children.

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  • Photo of Lynn May

    Lynn May 

    Pre School & Services Director
  • Photo of Kalee Godwin

    Ms. Kalee Godwin 

    Assistant Preschool Director

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  • Photo of Latoya Pierre

    Ms. Latoya Pierre 

    Pre School Teacher
    (904) 737-6330
  • Photo of Mandy Jones

    Mrs. Mandy Jones 

    Junior Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Susan Larey

    Susan Larey 

    Junior Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Karen Barker

    Mrs. Karen Barker 

    K3 Teacher
  • Photo of Danielle  Cress

    Danielle  Cress 

  • Photo of Flor Cress

    Ms.  Flor Cress 

    Pre School Teacher Assistant
  • Photo of Pushpa Mamallapalli

    Mrs. Pushpa Mamallapalli 

  • Photo of Jerica  Sansing

    Mrs Jerica  Sansing 

  • Photo of Alaina Durheim

    Alaina Durheim 

  • Photo of Allyssa Durheim

    Allyssa Durheim 

    K-2 Teacher
    University Christian
  • Photo of Amanda Tucker

    Amanda Tucker 

    K2 Teacher
  • Photo of Baindu Tarawally

    Ms. Baindu Tarawally 

    Pre School Teacher
  • Subhashini Golla 

  • Photo of Liana Weakley

    Liana Weakley 

  • Photo of Margaret Cooper

    Margaret Cooper 

  • Photo of Hallie Roberts

    Hallie Roberts 

  • Photo of Alexus Paul

    Alexus Paul 

    Pre School Teacher
  • Photo of Juliet Fishpaw

    Ms Juliet Fishpaw 

    Pre School Teachers Assistant