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Which schools do most students come from?

University Christian students come from all over Jacksonville and surrounding areas. We have families that drive from St. Johns County. Most of our families are from the Southside of Jacksonville. We have relationships with a few local K-8 Christian schools in the area so many of our high school students transfer in from those schools. We also have students that come to us from all over the world in our International program

What is your class size?

Our average class size is 18-20 students.

Do you have a school uniform?

We have a school uniform. Shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, jumpers, spirit-wear, and outerwear can all be purchased at our U-Campus Store. Students must wear the customized UC uniforms every day except Fridays when they can wear spirit-wear. Students wear a special uniform on chapel days.

Where do University Christian graduates go following graduation?
  • Students attend various colleges including but not limited to: Liberty University, Georgia Tech, Duke, University of North Florida, Jacksonville University, Belmont, Savannah College of Art & Design, University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, Southeastern University, Berry College, Florida State College of Jacksonville
  • 2020 graduates obtained 100% college or vocational acceptance
  • College scholarships totaling $2,145,821

How does University Christian support new students and families?

We host a New Student Orientation on the Monday prior to school starting for students in grades 8-12th to teach them how to utilize our student portal and to introduce them to our staff. We also have a Back to School Bash where parents can learn how they can get involved in the UC community.

Is there a “typical” University Christian student?

No, each student is uniquely created by God and has his or her own talents and gifts that he or she brings to our community. We do seek students who work hard, play hard, and are upstanding members of their school communities.

Do you consider more than just quantitative (standardized test results, GPA) factors?

We like to look at each applicant as a whole and get to know him/her as a person to see what kind of thinker, student, and person he/she is. We do require all students entering grades 1st through 12th to be tested. As part of the admissions process, we require your current principal, and a teacher to complete recommendations along with providing a copy of the discipline report for the year. We also have an admission interview with the applicant as well as his/her parents.

Before and After School Care

UCS offers morning and afternoon extended care programs for our families. Extended care is provided by staff members with appropriate background and credentials in childcare and student supervision. Early morning care is offered for students in all grade levels, while afternoon extended day programs are offered for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Drop in and/or Monthly registration is available for our UC families.

All students utilizing extended care programs, must be registered with our Extended Care Director. To register please utilize the appropriate registration form included below. For all questions related to the Extended Care Program, please contact TyKing@ucsjax.com.

Before/After Care

Late Pick Up

Carline and Pick-Up

Drop off/Pickup Carline

Authorized Pick-up: UCS requires each family to maintain an updated authorized pickup list for their children within the MyUC Portal. Each authorized individual will be required to present a valid form of identification to our receptionist.

Drop-off via Carline: All students may be dropped off at the main entrance beginning at 8:00 AM each day. Faculty and Staff will be located there to walk and assist your student into the building. Please wait in a single file line and pull forward to the furthest available position as the line moves forward. A UC staff member or Safety Patrol will open the door and assist each student in exiting the car. Please assist us in keeping the line moving quickly by having your children prepared to exit with their bags and other belongings ready once the automobile comes to a complete stop.

  • Upper School students will enter the building through the Upper School office entry, located behind the flagpole.
  • Lower School students will enter the building through the Lower School Hallway where a staff member will be holding the door for them.
    - For safety reasons, we do not allow parents of students to enter the building past the main or walk up entry during drop-off times. A staff member will always be present at this door and throughout the hallways to assist your children in walking to class.

Drop-off via Walk-up Entrance: Students in K1 - K4 are required to be signed in by their parent at the classroom door each day. All Pre-School students and parents may enter the building through the Lower School Hallway or through the main school office entry doors.

Afternoon Pick-Up:

Lower School pickup takes place from 3:00 to 3:15 PM in front of the main school office entrance for grades JK-4th grade and under the church portico, closest to the flagpole, for grades 5th and 6th. Each family is provided a car tag number to display by hanging on their rear view mirror. When pulling onto campus, please enter the carline at the rear of the line. Keep in mind the rear maybe at the flag pole.

As the line progresses forward please have your tag in clear view for the staff to view. Continue to advance forward as the line moves and pull forward to the furthest cone. K3-4th grade students will be awaiting you at that cone with a staff member, while 5th and 6th grade students will be called to your car in the pickup zone. Students with multiple siblings will always go to the pickup location of the youngest child and will be assigned one family number for ease of memorization.

Family pick-up via walk-up is allowed at the main entrance beginning at 3:10 PM.

Upper School pickup takes place from 3:15 to 3:45 PM under the church portico, closest to the flagpole. Continue to advance forward as the line moves and your child will come to your car once you have stopped and reach the pickup zone. Please do not stop and block traffic behind you short of this designated area. If your Upper School student is not at the pick up zone upon your arrival, please make another loop around in line and follow the above mentioned protocol.

When exiting the UCS property, please keep in mind that only right turns are allowed out of both the Spring Park and University exits for traffic safety and preventative backup purposes.

**Students that arrive before 8AM or are not picked up by end of carline will be placed in Extended Care where there are additional fees.

Dining in Spirit Cafe


UCS proudly partners with MMI Dining to meet the nutritional needs of our students. A monthly menu is available under the Spirit Cafe link and includes the main menu and a-la-carte items. Students utilizing the MMI menu may pay through their family account which can be established and maintained by clicking Spirit Cafe Account Set Up.

Students are also able to bring their lunch from home as they desire. Microwaves and vending machines are available for student use in grades 4-12.

Website for set up:

FHSAA Athletic Forms

UCS competes at a championship level in fall, winter and spring sports sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association. As a member, our student athletes, from grades 6-12, are required to complete several authorization, eligibility, medical release and clearance forms with the FHSAA. All required forms are available through the link below. Hard copies are no longer accepted and all forms should be submitted through the instructions below.  Athletes are not permitted to participate in a sport until they are fully cleared through the UCS Athletic Department.

Athletic Forms

Supply List

Our Lower and Upper School students will need specific supplies for their successful academic year. These supplies may be purchased prior to the start of the school year and brought in during the Back 2 School Bash or on the first day of school. See the specific grade level supply lists included below.

UCS will provide all student texts and workbook materials. These will be available and ready for students at the Back 2 School Bash. Additionally, Upper School students will be provided iPads for learning and access to E-Textbooks. All student iPads will be distributed on the first day of classes.

Upper School Supply List

Lower School Supply List

Dress Code Chart

DENNIS Uniform leads the way in school uniforms with dependable clothing that looks as good on the last day of school as it did on the first - backed by award-winning customer service and innovative program management.

The U-Store will be opened on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8am-4pm, by appointment only for you to purchase Spirit Wear for your student. Please contact the front desk at (904)737-6330 to set up an appointment.

ORDER DEADLINES: During the summer, ouruniform supplier is extremely busy fulfilling customers’orders and it may take approximately 6 weeks for us toreceive our orders. Therefore, please make all possiblearrangements to get fitted and order through DENNIS Uniform if you have been fitted or know your sizes.

Dresscode Chart

Withdrawal Form

If you are planning to withdrawal your student from University Christian School, please complete the Withdrawal Form and email it to Admissions@ucsjax.com.

What should students be doing in and outside of the classroom to prepare themselves for college?

Colleges and Universities are looking for well-rounded students that are academically prepared, socially engaged and highly motivated. Inside the classroom, students should focus on applying themselves and mastering their subject matter. Maintaining a high GPA is critical, as well as selecting courses that will be beneficial towards their college courses and future endeavors. Outside of the classroom, students should find meaningful ways to serve their community and be involved in clubs and activities that point towards their future goals. Social engagement is important to colleges as it predicts success for the student's at their own schools, as socially engaged students are more likely to stay at a school and finish their degree on time. Finally, students should begin looking for their purpose early on. Each individual has God given talents and a purpose. Finding your passion can help direct your steps and is also a greater prediction of success, as those with a goal and purpose are also more likely to finish on time.

What is your advice to middle schoolers, to whom college might seem far away?

Should middle school students think about college? What should they be doing?

Although college may be far away, middle school is a great time to begin thinking about future plans and for students to begin getting involved in their school. Joining clubs, volunteering and beginning to pursue your passion at a young age allows the students to develop social and emotional skills that will help them in their high school career. Implementing good studying habits in middle school also helps to set students up for further success as they enter high school years.

What are the things colleges are looking for in a strong applicant?

Most colleges are utilizing a holistic approach when reviewing applications. A high GPA and good standardized test scores are always important, but now, more than ever, colleges are truly taking in all aspects of an applicant's application. Colleges prefer to see students that are involved extracurricularly, have served their community and will impact their community positively. An applicant's essay and references are key ways to showcase these factors and are heavily weighed in today's college application process.

How can parents help their students prepare for college? What is their role?

Parents can help their students prepare for college by being a support system throughout the process. They should not complete the applications or contact the colleges, rather they should be available to answer questions and help guide. It is important for parents to take a step back and allow the students to have ownership in the process. Being available to take them on tours can be helpful, as students get a much better sense of what each school has to offer when they visit. Asking questions is also important. Why does your student want to attend the school?  Ensure they are choosing the college based on their future needs and goals and not just because their friends are going to the school or because it is the most popular school. Finally, make sure they are prepared for life outside of your home. Can they cook, clean, budget, wake up on their own, or set their own guidelines? Let them practice independence in a safe environment so they are prepared for true independence.

In terms of financial preparation, what should parents' priorities be?

Preparing financially for college can seem like a daunting process, but is worthwhile. In an ideal world, parents should start saving before they have children. However, that is not what always happens. Applying for scholarships early and often is a vital piece in financial preparation. Most scholarships will come directly from the school the student is attending and are typically either needs based or merit based. However, if your student does not qualify based on those needs, meeting with a financial advisor can be helpful. Further, taking out loans can be intimidating, but for some families, it is the only option. In that case, having your student work during college and pay off as much of the loan before graduation (and interest sets in) can be extremely helpful.

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