Welcome to University Christian Upper School! Our upper school centers around Truth and Transformation while celebrating our great Tradition. University Christian strives to provide a balanced educational experience.


University Christian offers two different diploma offerings; Standard and Honors (based on credits earned and cumulative GPA). Elective classes are available in a wide range of subject areas from Creative Photography to Advanced Weight Training. Our Middle School and High School are located in their own environment with staff whose focus is on quality academics and preparedness for future academic success at the next level respectively.

University Christian understands that high school years are the most pivotal times in the life of a young person. We seek for students' lives to be transformed by a real encounter with Christ through His Word. Our staff seeks to assist in the transformation process with the use of our daily Bible curriculum, Biblical integration in subject areas, weekly chapel services, and spiritual life organizations. Our purpose is to lay a foundation within the lives of our students that will help them become tomorrow's leaders for Christ.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. – Romans 12:2

Middle School (Grades 7-8)


While the middle school years can be challenging for both students and parents alike. Students best flourish in a consistent, loving environment with sound academics and a variety of activities in which they can participate. 


Our caring and committed faculty has built a middle school program designed to provide the balance necessary for students to grow spiritually, academically, and physically in a secure and safe setting.   The UC middle school culture and curriculum prepares our students for high school, boosting our students’ confidence and preparing them for more responsibility.  UCS offers 12 different middle school sports teams as well as middle school band and worship arts. A variety of activities and field trips help to enrich what is taught in the classroom.  The eighth grade year is capped with a trip to Washington D.C.


Most importantly, we also strive to help our students mature spiritually during these important years. We assist our middle school students as they develop into Christian thinkers, with a biblical set of values that will stand up to peer pressure and the test of time. 



High School (Grades 9-12)


Our high school program understands the value of these critical years as our students develop into young adulthood. Our focus is on spiritual growth, quality academics and preparedness for future success. Our academic day operates on a traditional seven period schedule. Classes are 50 minutes long and meet every day throughout the school year. Two grading periods (quarters) are in each semester, with both mid-term and final exams. 


The goal of the University Christian high school program is to be distinctively Christian in all that we do while providing the highest quality education, activities and experiences possible.  University Christian offers two different diploma offerings; Traditional College Prep and Honors (based on credits earned and cumulative GPA).  


With 17 teams participating as members of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), our athletic program enhances our over-all program. The school has enjoyed tremendous success in its history with over 76 district titles and 13 state championship teams. Spiritually, success may be a little more difficult to measure, but we see it every year at UCS. We see the students who have been taught by example becoming the example themselves to the younger children. We see the young people that have heard biblical truth and have been shown God’s hand is in all of man’s affairs, making those beliefs and connections their own. 


Spiritual development takes place in each classroom and through chapel, mission trips, service opportunities, and student organizations. Biblical principles are integrated into every classroom as teachers incorporate the ultimate source of truth, God's Word, into each lesson. The caring Christian faculty and staff challenge students to think biblically and strive to equip them spiritually as they move forward in life after high school. Our Seniors end their high school experience with a mission trip to the Dominican Republic which provides them with the opportunity to utilize their gifts and knowledge to serve and minister to others.



Our Mission Statement in Practical Terms for Upper School Students


  • To lead each child to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ – We are an evangelical school. That means that some students may not know Christ as their Savior. While we can enforce our rules and guidelines, we are not going to force a child to Christ. Simply stated, we want all of our students to understand who Christ is and how to have a personal relationship with Him.


  • Providing the highest quality Christian education – Christian education is learning through a Biblical worldview. We strive to integrate Christian principles and the Bible into each of our classes. In doing so, we aim to be academically rigorous as we build on the foundation of spiritual truths. Additionally, we believe an education is more than classroom concepts. We believe in a balanced approach of academic preparation, social growth (through sports, service, student organizations), and spiritual maturation. This is a high-quality Christian education. 


  • In an environment of genuine love and concern for each student and parent – One of the most important values to our school and ministry is that of partnership. A partnership reflects genuine love and concern; we are simply a partner with the parent in developing the student. Without this positive partnership that we desire, our effectiveness as and educational institution is limited.


Upper School


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