As a parent, you may feel that affording a private education at the school of your choice might be a struggle for your family. In an effort to help make quality, Christian education a reality for families, University Christian School offers a variety of tuition payment plans. Details of our plan options are outlined in the tuition Fee Schedule, and are available in our Admissions Office.


UCS also has limited funding available to assist families whose children may not otherwise attend our school due to their financial circumstances. The questions below are those frequently asked by parents interested in UCS and our financial aid program.


What is financial aid?

Financial aid is funding which is intended to assist families paying for tuition expenses, and is awarded to give need-based students the chance to receive the best education possible, regardless of their financial situation. These funds are allocated by the UCS School Board and do not have to be repaid.


Who can apply for financial aid?

Those that can apply for financial aid are families of returning students who have re-enrolled and paid the enrollment fee. The student must also have a minimum GPA of 2.50. The school will also verify that their tuition account is in good standing prior to granting financial aid.


How can I apply for financial aid and how is the receipt of aid determined?

We will begin accepting requests and applications for financial aid on February 1st. You may come to the business office to pick up an application packet or instructions for completing the application on-line. Our financial aid is determined through a 3rdparty that examines tax reports, income, expenses, etc.


Please be advised that even though a family may qualify through the determining 3rd party, the school has limited financial aid.


Does UCS offer scholarships to students with academic, fine arts, or athletic skills?

No, UCS does not offer scholarships. In accordance with our regulations, all UCS financial aid is based on need rather than interscholastic skills. 

How much financial aid should I expect to receive?

Each request for financial aid is considered individually, and awards are based on assessment of family need. The maximum financial aid available is 25% of a student’s tuition. Therefore, the family should expect to pay at least 75% of the tuition.

Is financial aid renewable each year?

No. Families that wish to receive aid must apply each year.

Financial Aid Discounts that are accepted are as follows:


  • Active Military and Active Military Reserve Discount – $500

  • University Church Member Discount - $500- Must be an active, tithing member of University Church

  • Pastoral Discount – Up to $1000 tuition reduction - Available to full-time pastors who wish to submit an application for review by the finance committee. Please see application instructions for more information.

  • Alumni Discount – $500 - Provide proof such as copy of diploma, the graduation year, etc.

Scholarships that are accepted are as follows:


  • Step-Up-For-Students – Pays a portion of tuition for the year. Maximum amount awarded in 2019/2020 was $6,800 – Parents may apply at


Note that this scholarship applies only to students who are coming from a public school.


  • McKay Scholarship – Pays various amounts depending upon the student’s special need. Parents may apply and click on McKay on the left-hand toolbar.

Pastoral Discount Requirements and Instructions:


  • Thank you for considering University Christian School for your family. We are thankful for pastors who serve God faithfully, full-time. Your ministry of consistently preaching God's Word and serving Him is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, your show of support of Christian education by enrolling your children at University Christian School is an encouragement and testimony to others regarding the importance of Christian education. 

  • The UCS Board of Directors approves a portion of financial aid each year to provide pastors and non-profit para-church organization ministers with up to 25% reduction in tuition. It is important that we serve as good stewards in assigning these discounts to pastors and ministers who truly need the assistance to send their children to University Christian School.

  • To be considered for this discount, please click below to complete the application and provide us with the requested information. 

  • Please note the following requirements must be met in conjunction with the completed application:

  • Applicants must:

  • Apply for discounts at enrollment for new students, and annually for returning students

  • Currently reside with your family and attending children

  • At least 75% of your household’s taxable income is derived from church employment.

  • Read and do fully agree with and adhere to University Christian School’s Statement of Faith.

  • Understand the Board will have to consider your eligibility, which may involve a personal interview with the Board


Financial Aid

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