Early Learning Academy

University provides programs based on the latest research showing the impact of early activities on brain development. Bright, colorful environments encourage exploration, engaging playthings stretch young imaginations and develop motor skills, and shared stories and rhymes build language skills. Developing language skills are supported through meaningful conversation, where teachers expand on children’s ideas and explore new ideas together.

Toddler Program K1 (12-23 months)
Toddlers are curious and exploratory, and our toddler program supports those new and exciting skills. Children enjoy dramatic play, creative movement, and artistic expression. Hands-on activities encourage child-directed cognitive development and social skills.


Early Preschool Program K2 (24-36 months)
Our early preschool programs nurture curiosity, initiative, persistence, reasoning, and problem-solving – the essential elements of lifelong learning. Each day’s lessons include learning centers and group activities to provide children the opportunity to develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.


Preschool Programs K3 (3-4 years)
In our preschool programs, children explore their world with curiosity and delight. To ensure that our preschoolers develop the skills they need to enter school ready to learn, our thematic curriculum emphasizes early math and literacy skills, including book knowledge and appreciation, phonological awareness, alphabet recognition, print awareness, early writing, and oral language development.


Junior Kindergarten (4-5 years)

Our Junior Kindergarten program is an advanced curriculum built upon a developmental experience designed to lay a solid foundation of academic success for students. In a safe, nurturing environment, our experienced faculty and staff provide opportunities to develop a curiosity and passion for learning. Junior Kindergartners enjoy an array of leaning activities including daily Bible, phonics, pre-reading, and math instruction. Science and social studies concepts are taught through units as students learn more about their own community and the world. Our preschoolers attend weekly enrichment classes including Chapel, Music, Physical Education, Library, Art, Science Discovery and Exploration with technology. 

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