University Christian School strives to lead students into the 21st Century by providing daily encounters with cutting edge teachers, classrooms and technology. UCS has led the technology charge on Jacksonville's First Coast, becoming the first local 1 to 1 iPad school in our community. UCS provides each Upper School student with an individual school owned device, preloaded with all necessary apps and programs. Additionally, each device is equipped with Apple Care to provide hardware repair and coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage.

At UCS, we utilize the iPad as an educational tool to facilitate:

  • Discovery (ask, explore, research, find)

  • Collaboration (group effort to solve a problem)

  • Innovation (unlocking doors and answers to students' questions)

  • Individualized Learning (challenging each student as an individual learner with specific gifts, needs and talents)

  • Digital Citizenship (developing an understanding of the appropriate use of technology in today’s world)


Our expectation is that technology will assist us in creating an environment that challenges, enriches and expands the knowledge base of each student.



1:1 iPad Initiative

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