K-12 Summer Programs

Summer School               
(7th - 12th Grade)

University Christian School will offer Summer School again this summer for students who have failed a course or for students who have been approved for grade recovery. Our Summer School program is a blended program that requires students to be on campus each Thursday and to complete course work online through the Ignitia program during the week.  Summer School will begin on June 10 and conclude on Thursday, July 22. Students are permitted to take up to 2 full courses or 4 semesters over the summer. The cost of summer school is $325.00 per semester credit or $650.00 for a full year credit.
If your student failed a course in the first semester, summer school was noted on the report card in January. Students who fail a course for the second semester will be notified by June 4th.  Parents may check the portal now to determine if Summer School may be required for this year.
For questions regarding Summer School, please contact Candace Lautzenheiser at

Summer School Application
Summer Reading Institute
(K - 6th Grade)

UC Summer Institute will begin June 14, 2022 and conclude on July 21, 2022. This program will be a 3 day program, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week starting at 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The cost for the program is $365.00 per subject. The two subject areas that are offered are Reading and Math. 
The purpose of Summer Reading Institute is to give students the opportunity to gain a better grasp of phonics, decoding, and comprehension skills. Students are expected to be on time each day and participate in all class activities. Time is very limited in this summer program and there is a lot of information to cover therefore, students are expected to focus during small group instruction and center time with no behavioral distractions to the class.
Students will be required to participate in the following ways each day. They will complete i-Ready assignments and interactive notebooks for reading assignments. Each student should read a book from summer reading list and record time on a weekly reading log. The log should be initialed by a parent daily. The reading log will be checked each Tuesday. A pocket folder will come home daily with the reading log and occasional paperwork. Students should bring the folder to class each day.
Kindergarten students should read to an adult, listen to a book on CD or be read to for 10 minutes each day. First through sixth grade students should read 20 minutes daily from a book on their summer reading list. 
All students will need to follow check-in procedures. Please adhere to all policies to ensure the safety of students and staff.