Academic Resource Program

Equipping students for successful learning​

University Christian School seeks to provide all students an opportunity to reach their highest potential.  We recognize students may possess specific and unique learning needs. Our Academic Resource Program is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for such students. We believe every UC student can experience success and accomplish their best when receiving additional classroom support.  The Academic Resource Program provides that critical link to success for our students.

Our Academic Learning Specialists partner with teachers and parents to develop appropriate and differentiated learning strategies to support students for success in the classroom. Our support services are broken into three distinct tiers. The support in each tier is customized for each student and is the level of support each student receives is based upon his or her educational evaluation, IEP or 504 Plan.

Students with a documented disability/learning need, or those receiving accommodations as a result of an IEP or 504 Plan are required to enroll in the Academic Resource Program. Educational evaluations must be current within the last three years in order to be eligible for services.


Tiered Support Services

All fees are in addition to regular tuition

Students must have a diagnosed learning need to be eligible for services


Level 1

Accommodation only:  $100/year

Student must have a documented learning need and be able to maintain 70% in all subjects

Student will receive school approved accommodations and annual monitoring of academic plans, along with monitoring of services from Duval County (if applicable)


Level 2

Academic Support:  $1500/year

Level 1 + Executive functioning skills, organization skills, test taking skills, subject area work


Level 3

Pull-out:  $3,800 (1 subject)/year, $5,800 (2 subjects)/year

Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3 + pull out for direct instruction of Math and/or Reading


McKay Scholarship





We will continue to partner with Duval County to maintain updated Service Plans.  These Service Plans are for all students, but the pull-out academic services will only be offered through the fourth grade.  

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